Testimonials About the Alliance

Our members are women of all ages and income levels.  Their goal is to build lasting wealth and feel confident and secure in their financial decisions.

Here’s what a few members have to say about us …

“I am so far behind…”

“I am a 56-year-old woman, and I am new at all of this. I feel like I am so far behind where I should be and now I have to play catch-up since I want to retire in the next 10 years. I am new to the Alliance and I am finding it informative and hope-yielding. For me there is a lot that I do not know, but I am willing to learn and I am a fast learner. So I am looking forward to everything that is being and is going to be offered. Thank you for the information that you have given.” Alberta R.

“It sure makes me feel good…”
“It sure makes me feel good when I can read of others (women) who do business with a conscience and honest values with the environment in mind… Thank you for taking an honest stand and for standing behind and promoting a product you feel safe and secure with and that we can invest our money in and that we all can benefit from as a whole.” Diane A.

“You are less likely to be afraid…”
“I am in the process of becoming an entrepreneur and I have yet to hone in on a specific idea, but I want to thank you for bringing such enlightening topics to the forefront. Women need to be more aware of how marketing and business works so that they won’t be afraid of it. You are less likely to be afraid of something if you understand how it works.” Jerusha H.

I have a dream…”
“I have a dream that’s not unreasonable based on my amazing career, so I appreciate your news today, a reminder that I have plenty of gifts skills resources and ideas, and every day I pencil in time for each, so that I can make some of my dreams come true, while satisfying the biggest thrill of all, allowing my creativity to flow freely. Thanks for all that you’re doing.” Maya H.


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