Sandy Franks, Founder WFA
Sandy Franks, Publisher,
The Women’s Financial Alliance

Sandy Franks – Founder of the Women’s Financial Alliance 

Sandy Franks is the founder of the Women’s Financial Alliance and one of the country’s top crusaders for women’s right to wealth. Sandy has over 25 years of publishing experience and her background includes leadership experience in the financial, health and business worlds.

She has worked alongside some of the country’s best-selling authors, including Michael Masterson, personal wealth coach and best-selling author; Addison Wiggin, co-author of the best-selling book New Empire of Debt; Larry Crane, advertising genius and creator of The Abundance Course; and William Bonner, president of Agora Publishing, one of the country’s largest newsletter publishers.

Most recently, Sandy co-authored two very popular books with Sara Nunnally: Barbarians of Wealth and Barbarians of Oil. She’s also written dozens of special reports and white papers on the crucial practices of sound investing and wealth-building. Her work has been featured on radio stations and major media outlets including an interview on the MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan show.

Disheartened that issues such as wealth-maintenance, financial decision-making, and retirement preparation are rarely addressed in particular to women, she created the Women’s Financial Alliance to remedy this problem. Her mission, and that of The Women’s Financial Alliance, is to help women feel more confident and comfortable making financial decisions.

“Most women would rather leave financial decisions to others, either their husbands or financial brokers, but that’s not always the best thing to do,” she says. “Understanding money and finances isn’t difficult. The truth is, women are more than capable of taking control of their financial situations than they realize or are given credit for.”

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